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Monday, January 01, 2007



According to:
All forms of Internet Radio's total cume, incuding cell streaming from the internet, and podcasting by 2010 will equal:
Internet Radio 187.33 million
Wireless Internet 159.23 million
Mobile Phone Streaming (from internet) 11.81 million
Podcasting 3.95 million

TOTAL INTERNET CUME in 2010 = 362.32 million

While the terrestrial broadcast radio total cume is projected to be only: 278.59 million.
Internet cume beating terrestrial cume by 83.73 million by 2010.
That is only about 3 years from now!
HD Radio will only be at a miserable 8.84 million cume. Not enough to sustain thousands of HD stations. Evidence that HD Radio is just another dead end system, similar to several others that have gone before, and disappeared.

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