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Monday, July 31, 2006


Wireless World Wide Web Wins the Radio battle! JUST SAY NO-TO HD RADIO!

World Wide Web Wireless Radio projected to win the Radio Wars!
Forcast by 2010-
Less than 8 million podcast listeners- Just under 9 million HD radio listeners- About 36 million satellte radio listeners- About 21 million folks who listen to their "radio" on their mobile phones- Almost 190 million Internet radio listeners (!!)
And here is their editorial clincher:
According to this updated data, the entire spectrum of digital audio alternatives, and especially Internet radio and its wireless distribution continue to represent the biggest challenge to traditional radio.
And they add:
Internet radio could greatly benefit from pervasive Wi-Max or Wide Area Wireless Access which will bring Internet Radio to portable devices, including car radios by 2008.

Here is the link and graphs for the rest of the story:
Here is another link to a related supporting interview/viewpoint:

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