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Monday, April 17, 2006



HD Radio promises much, but delivers little. Mostly, much more radio interference to both AM and FM listening.
The coverage area is about half of analog radio and it jams more stations then the few new digital streams it creates. HD Radio, iBiquity, IBOC, is the most over-hyped "pet rock" of the new millennium. A total consumer rip off.
iBUZZ is a flawed system that should not be given FCC final approval.
If broadcasters really had all this wonderful new music and information they claim is coming to HD Radio, why wouldn't they just put it on their analog channels where there are actually listeners?
Instead they play the same few dozen tunes "suggested" by large record companies, over and over. Why would HD Radio make a difference?
HD Radio fidelity is about the same as a webstream, artifacts and all.
AM and FM broadcast radio is dieing from the new competition of other media, as well as lack of entertainment value and useful information. The slow death wail of radio broadcasting is iBUZZ.

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