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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



"DISHONESTY IS THE PROBLEM" - Hype on, integrity off.
A lesson on how to sell Star Trek Transporters to the gullable!
Flawless reception of HD digital signals when they are weak and substancially drop below the ambient noise floor is unlikely at best (even with the most advanced laboratory equipment) and impossible at worst. Claims that somehow digital signals cirumvent the laws of physics are fraudulent. Telepathic digital radio is a myth. Like transporters, they don't exist.
"In one case, analog is pumping out 11Kw. IBUZ is at 110 watts. That leads to digital mode switching. In the Boston, Worcester, Hartford, Springfield and Albany markets digital is so wimpy it's lucky to make it to the city limits."
"I have a few problems with IBUZ. For AM, it's a death sentence, I believe, from what I already hear. When you crap all over your neighbor's signal it ceases to qualify as good engineering practice. Is there any engineer here with any sense of pride in what they do who would dispute that contention? Instead of admitting there are serious problems over and above old transmitter sites they set up a web site touting how wonderful this new debacle is. I have to give iBorg credit for assimilating such a large number of formerly independent thinking engineers."
"On FM I hear artifacts. I don't hear the adjacent channel interference, probably because I'm no longer in an incredibly congested market (New York City). The CD Quality issue is the most deceptive of all. By CD Quality I mean the ability to make full use of the Red Book standard. If you choose to use the audio purity of CDs to record smashed crud you still have the capability of doing it right. In the case of IBUZ, it's low bit rate codecs can't possibly match the potential quality of a CD. You couldn't do CD Quality right if you really, really tried. Even iBorg has racheted it down to CD-like quality. The HD Dominion uses the term everywhere."
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