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Tuesday, February 14, 2006



"When FM first came on the scene, it was being championed by the guys smoking weed in the back room," WQHT PD John Dimick said. "Those are the kind of people we need to tap now for ideas about making HD work."
It will take more then weed to get HD Radio to work right and not jam other stations. Will you try crystal meth next, broadcasters?
But all those drugs cost a lot of cash!
But, wait, there is always PAYOLA to fall back on!

Feb. 09, 2006Radio conglomerates target of 'payola' probe ALBANY, N.Y. -- New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said Wednesday he has subpoenaed nine of the nation's largest radio conglomerates in his "payola" investigation of major artists and songs that he claims got air time because of payoffs by recording companies. "A lot of the major songs have been implicated in this and it showed how pervasive the payola infrastructure had become," Spitzer told The Associated Press. "Major artists, major songs were sent up the charts through improper payments to buy spins on the air that translated into sales." The companies that have received subpoenas control thousands of stations nationwide, including Clear Channel Communications Inc., Infinity, which now operates as CBS Radio, Citadel Broadcasting Corp., Cox Radio Inc., Cumulus Broadcasting Inc., Pamal Broadcasting Ltd., Entercom Communications Corp., Emmis Communications Corp. and ABC Inc., according to court records filed by Spitzer. (AP) FULL STORY

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