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Sunday, February 05, 2006


HD digital radio-Poor reception!

I have a Boston Acoustics Receptor HD. Sitting 12 miles south of one large market. 35 miles north of another. I'd like to hear both markets if possible.
Right now I'm having trouble pulling in the HD2 to one of the class B signals 12 miles north. Almost impossible to hear the HD2 on a class A from that same tower.
Most of the HDs are a no show from 35 miles south although it tries to match up with the HD signal on a pair of them. Nothing on any of the AMs although the tower for one is only 15 miles south. In a rental home so not inclined to add an outdoor antenna.
Tried a Terk Tower with no success.
Any suggestions on what will help capture those HD signals.
Please and thank you.
The HD digital AM signal is required by the NRSC-5a mask and proposed FCC standards to be at least -28 db below the maximum carrier power. This converts to about 1.5 watts for each 1000 watts of station analog carrier power. Coverage beyond a few miles from the stations transmitter is almost impossible, as the signal gets buried below the ambient noise level very quickly. Digging out a signal from below the noise level reliably, is difficult if not impossible. However, because of the destructive digital waveform is on adjacent channels, it can easily interfere with stations many miles away. http://worldsupercaster.blogspot.com/ http://commonsensesolutions.blogspot.com/

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