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Monday, February 13, 2006



New model cell phones from Motorola, Verizon, Cingular, Nokia, LG, and others have built in MP3 players, wireless podcasting, MP3 streams and downloads. There is no need for a radio of any kind to be included, or a radio station either. Just listen to the webstream. Wireless Bluetooth Stereo headphones, make it a real Hi-Fi/stereo pleasure to listen, and the quality can vary according to the bitrate of the producer from low bitrate mono (for voice) all the way up to audio CD quality or better. That beats Serius and XM also, as it allows a choice of thousands of stations all over North America and perhaps worldwide with much better fidelity. Apple’s iPod may be adding this feature soon.
HD radio transmits a digital signal at one-onehundreth the power analog stations licensed power (for FM) and about one-onethousandth the power (for AM) on adjacent channels, and digital coverage is the analog stations city grade coverage area. However HD digital radio jams analog stations many miles away because of it’s destructive digital waveform. More harm then good is coming from this seriously defective technology. The reason that so many are so strongly opposed, is because of the broadcast Cartel’s misinformation campaign, the huge amount of jamming, especially of licensed independent voices, suburban commuter reception, and community stations.
FCC objections to HD radio run heavily against the defective technology. Not because those filing objections are against digital transmission, or don't understand the technology, but because they DO understand HD Digital radio and object to this particular defective system.
Here is an FM digital system that works, and dosn't trespass or jam other stations.
As of now, no other digital broadcasting system for AM has been independently tested, however, at least one is under development.

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