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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


HD digital radio-But people don't want to listen to radio in CB quality at 5 kc.

HD Radio on AM "is going to be a disaster."

"Im scared of the commission once again being run by a bunch of bureaucrats mandating what we have to do, based on what they perceive to be a marketplace decision."

"I think we need some improvement in the AM spectrum. But the approach we're taking, reducing the frequency response to 5 kHz, is an absolute joke. It's only being done as a way to precondition for IBOC, in order to allow eventually more stations to be shoved into the spectrum than we already have."

"On AM I think the majority of small-town broadcasters will go to Cam-D. We'll not go digital (HD radio) on FM; we'll go with the system [FMeXtra from Digital Radio Express] that gives us additional channels for $9,000."

Quotes from Paul Mclane's article, quoting Ed De La Hunt.
Link to the full article:

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