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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


HD DIGITAL RADIO-believe it or NOT!

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Dear Digital Radio Babe,
Oh, if the rosy picture you paint for HD-2 radio were only true.
I am in favor of digital audio and digital media except for the proprietary HD Radio-NRSC-5-iBiquity system which is destructive, deceptive, and not in "the public interest, convenience, or necessity." It will do far more to destroy broadcasting, and the public's airwaves, then any possible benefit. As more digital stations sign on the air the digital hissing and jamming will spread across the dial, jamming more and more licensed stations, and eventually making the broadcast bands a noisy wasteland. This system is severely flawed and has misrepresented itself to the public and the government. HD Radio should not be approved or allowed.
There are other, better, compatible systems to transmit digital audio that are not getting proper consideration because of political misrepresentations, maneuvers, lobbying, and "influence" being spread around by the HD Radio Cartel/Consortium.
Other systems are Kahn CamD for AM and fmXtra for FM. Neither jams other stations and both provide fully compatible digital broadcast service without destroying the current analog broadcasting system. Both are fully compatible with the current AM and FM broadcasting system and standards, while HD Radio is not.
HD digital AM radio requires the current analog fidelity to be cut in half, and creates an annoying digital hiss that can not be tuned out with most current analog radios. The public now owns over 800 million analog AM/FM radios, and they all will become obsolete. Conveniently for the cartel, they have an expensive, poor performing, replacement.
Each HD Radio station is up to 5 channels wide, jamming and blocking other stations with digital noise.
There is much less coverage area, not more.
Fewer stations, not more.
Less diversity, not more.
Lower fidelity, not more.
Do you want your radios to perform as poorly as your digital cell phone?
They will soon, if HD Radio has it's way.
My websites further discuss this impending digital disaster, and are listed below.
HD digital radio is a DIGITAL DISASTER.
Richard Franklin

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