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Saturday, November 05, 2005



HD radios won't be manufactured in any quantity until next year (if then). HD radio has not gotten final approval from the FCC, indeed, the NRSC and iBiquity have not even submitted a complete, final specification to the FCC yet.

HD Radio promised and promotes itself as "in band, on channel" and instead is "all over the band, off channel." HD Radio jams listeners radios and other broadcasters.

Coverage area is half of what regular analog stations now transmit (very local to the transmitting station). Multicast fidelity is no better then low bitrate internet streaming, more like AM quality, NOT BETTER THEN FM AS PROMISED.
If no one can hear it, who cares?
I can yell and reach more listeners. Much cheaper, and with better fidelity too!

Streaming internet radio and podcasting covers the world, is available now, hundreds millions are listening daily, and can be downloaded for on demand replay at any time on computers, iPods, mobile phones and MP3 players. It is also available at WIFI wireless hot spots, new iPod type cell phones, and will soon be available on wireless WI-MAX with a 30 to 50 mile coverage area surrounding each hot spot worldwide. There is no need or popular demand for HD radio.

HD radio is a fraud and a hoax that jams broadcasting for little or no benefit to anyone except profit for iBiquity, their unscrupulous promoters and salesmen.

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