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Monday, November 21, 2005



Dear CC,
There is an impending radio broadcast digital disaster as thousands of high powered AM and FM radio stations switch to digital transmission and jam the community independent stations off the air.
This deception, and destruction of the AM and FM broadcast bands, and media diversity already in progress by the FCC, iBiquity HD digital radio, and media conglomerates and cartels.
Digital HD radio has been misrepresented as IBOC (In Band On Channel) when it is actually OFF CHANNEL, ALL OVER THE BAND digital transmission.
As thousands of these "HD Radio" stations sign on the air they cause loud, destructive, jamming digital hiss on two channels on either side of the assigned stations frequency, jamming nearby competing stations. EACH DIGITAL STATION OCCUPIES 5 FREQUENCIES INSTEAD OF THE PRESENT 1. Lower powered community stations and LPAM and LPFM stations signals are being destroyed as these giant broadcast conglomerates trespass on their neighbors broadcast frequencies.
Engineering studies by expert broadcast engineers show that as thousands of stations shift to this digital HD Radio transmission using the defective iBiquity digital system, the AM and FM broadcast bands will be turned into a hissing digital mass of interference, jamming smaller stations, and limiting wide area coverage to local area high powered stations only.
Other stations are expected to be jammed off the air. One proponent calls this "thinning the heard of cripples".
This pending catastrophe for diversity on radio is fully documented in entries on these blogs:
I hope you will spread the word about this threat to free speech and media diversity, and petition the FCC and congress to stop this digital destruction of the public airwaves.
LPFM and LPAM and community radio stations are being jammed off the air.
Richard Franklin

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