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Saturday, November 05, 2005



Many engineers agree HD Radio is a digital train wreck,
as more stations start transmitting with HD, the AM and FM bands will fill with jamming digital hiss, making voice communication unpleasant and difficult to understand. Music programming on HD stations have more hiss then an old 78 record. Favorite local stations will be unlistenable and disappear from the airwaves.
HD Radios are very expensive and virtually unavailable. Manufacturers are reluctant to produce large quantities of a product (HD Radios) for which there is no consumer demand.
This is an improvement?
Or just a sham to grab the money and run, leaving stations and listeners without their favorite form of communication?
The broadcast bands will be so full of jamming digital hiss they will be all but useless in a national or regional emergency.
Listener complaints about HD Radio WIP, WPEN, and WDAS resulting from the reduced fidelity and continuous hiss abound. As their listeners desert them, and revenues decrease, they are less likely to stay on the air, or spend any money on programming.
The result is that listeners are being driven away from listening to AM and FM broadcasting to other, better, new media.
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