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Friday, September 23, 2005


iPods and MP3's WIN over HD Radio!

Everyone is spending their money on cheaper iPods, XM or Sirius digital radio, MP3 players, rather then HD Radios so they DON'T have to listen to commercials. Ipods, and MP3 cell Phones will soon be wireless, via WI-fi, Wi-Max, or cell phone service.
Broadcasters are either incredibly stupid, or nuts! There is no public outcry for short, repetitive play lists, blabby DJ's, more commercials, or ignorant talk show hosts. The digital jamming of the analog airwaves will put a merciful quick end to AM and FM broadcasting. -Rich

4. HIGH-DEFINITION RADIOWHAT IT IS: Forget satellite. Regular radio is getting an upgrade, with CD-quality audio and many more channels.WHY IT'S HOT: Under pressure from satellite services like XM Radio (XM) and Sirius (SIRI), online music services, and iPod-type devices, the $20 billion-a-year radio industry has been steadily losing listeners' attention. HD radio is seen as the solution. The technology splices existing spectrum owned by station operators into thin bands. Each band supports a new radio station, so one FM or AM station can be divided into as many as eight channels to broadcast eight times the music, the talk, and (most important) the ads. And since they're digital, HD radio streams can easily be stored, giving listeners the option to pause and rewind live broadcasts, just as TiVo (TIVO) did for TV.
There are already 450 U.S. stations broadcasting HD radio. By 2007 that number should rise to 2,500 stations, covering 90 percent of the country. The biggest hurdle to mass adoption: Listeners will need to buy new radio sets to decode HD signals.KEY PLAYERS: Clear Channel Communications (CCU), Disney (DIS), Ford Motor (F), iBiquity Digital, Radiosophy, Texas Instruments (TXN), and Visteon.
From: http://www.business2.com/b2/web/articles/0,17863,1107751,00.html

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