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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Built in car iPods gaining ground on HD Radio!

iPods winning the"Car Wars"?-Jabba the giant digital Hutcaster angry.

Quoted from: http://beradio.com/iboc_update/iboc_update_092105/#iboc

More Automakers to offer Ipods Buyers of Audi, Volkswagen and Honda cars will soon have an Apple on their option menu, according to the makers of the ubiquitous Ipod audio player. Speaking at a recent press event in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs boasted that the company’s Ipod player will become available as a factory option in about 30 percent of all 2006 car models available to consumers in the United States. Audi, Volkswagen and Honda will join 15 other auto manufacturers already supporting the option.
In exchange for the added sticker price, new car buyers will enjoy the convenience of having their Ipods fully integrated with the car audio system, with access jacks mounted in a glove box or center console. Honda and its Acura division even plan to offer a text and speech interface to allow drivers to manage playlists while operating the vehicle. Jobs estimates that about five million cars will be sold with the Ipod option in the coming model year.

iPods produce no interference to present analog broadcasting. It's all about more choices, not less. -Rich

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