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Sunday, August 28, 2005




NAB to FCC: Don't Re-Think HD Standards Aug. 18, 2005 By Tony SandersThe NAB yesterday (Aug. 17) said in written comments that the current rules and technical standards governing HD Radio are more than adequate for the current nationwide rollout of digital AM and FM radio, and attempts to change or downgrade the status of those standards are, effectively, moot.
Late last month, Microsoft and two other joint commenters said in a filing that the FCC should amend the standard it has laid out for digital audio broadcasting because there are “critical omissions” in the standard.
The NAB said the current standards are “competent, sufficient” and “useful” and said that the FCC has already made its decisions about using those standards. Since those decisions have been made, says the NAB, the FCC should dismiss comments that urge the Commission to reconsider using the HD standards or that urge using other spectrum options.
The FCC’s deadline for filing comments and reply comment on this proceeding is now past. If the FCC decides that it has enough information on the record to render a decision, the next step would be for the FCC’s commissioners and staff to study the record and to draw their conclusions. There is no fixed deadline as to when those decisions might be made, or released to the public.
If the FCC decides, instead, to ask for even more comments on this issue, the Commission would do so by issuing a “Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making.”The proceeding on HD Radio is FCC Docket 99-325 and the standards involved are the “In-Band/On-Channel Digital Radio Broadcasting Standard NRSC-5.”

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