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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HD Radio-Seriously Flawed

Kind thanks for the update from Europe!
My point was that it took Britain 8 to 10 years to start accepting digital radio in large numbers.
The proposed NRSC-5 HD iBiquity radio system now before the FCC for approval, is a seriously flawed system that proposes to lay triple wide digital signals on top of existing analog AM and FM stations, thereby causing interference.
Proponents say we must accept the interference, along with this expensive, complex system, and no other, regardless of the resulting jamming of the analog AM and FM bands.
Opponents claim there are simpler, better, less expensive, non proprietary, more compatible systems that will provide high quality 5.1 digital surround sound for FM without all the jamming of the of the analog FM stereo signals, special new transmitters and antennas, and buying expensive, proprietary new radios.
Why refuse to examine alternative systems before we spend billions of dollars replacing all of our radios?
Who stands to benefit if we accept an expensive flawed system that jams existing stations?
For better broadcasting,

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