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Friday, August 12, 2005


HD Radio NRSC-5 FCC Comments

FCC Seeks Input on NRSC-5 IBOC Standards On June 16, The FCC issued Public Notice DA 05-1661 requesting comments from all interested parties regarding the "In Band/On Channel Digital Radio Broadcasting Standard NRSC-5" submitted to the FCC by the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) on May 18, 2005.
Specifically, the Commission is seeking a full range of comments on the NRSC-5 standard, along with ex parte presentations by interested individuals and organizations. The current deadline for filing comments is July 18, with replies due no later than Aug. 17.
Once the filing window for comments and replies closes, work on a Digital Radio Broadcasting Report and Order is likely to begin in earnest. Opinions among industry observers differ on how long the rulemaking process will take, with some expecting no action from the FCC before the end of the year.
Contentious issues that remain for the Commission to resolve include nighttime AM IBOC operation and interference resolution, use of IBOC on "superpowered" FM signals, and acceptable parameters for the use of separate analog and digital FM antennas.
Those interested in reviewing the complete NRSC-5 document can retrieve it on the Web at
The FCC's public notice can be viewed on the Web at

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