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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HD radio-My viewpoint

Dear Alan,
Thank you for keeping me up to date on the technical discussion posting my replies to your forum discussion about the prospects, pros and cons of HD radio. I realize your sites are primarily about music, secondarily about broadcasting, and only peripherally about weighty technical matters. I have tried to shift some the heavy discussion of technical matters over to my new blog:
If you have a better suggestion, or another viewpoint, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.
Regarding my sensational (sensationalistic?) headlines and the assertive style I have adopted in my discussions and replies, these are meant to catch attention on an internet swarming with information and often misinformation. I want to strongly point out that the IBOC-5 HD radio iBiquity proposal is seriously flawed, interferes with existing service, and should not become the standard digital broadcasting method for AM and FM. In short, "The Emperor Has No Clothes".
There are other, better, more compatible, existing techniques for accommodating digital broadcasting here in the USA that deserve more consideration. We should not leap to accept a defective standard, because, once adopted, we will be stuck with all those expensive new deficient proprietary radios.
Thanks, again for all your help

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