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Sunday, August 28, 2005



Melodeo First to Offer Podcasts for Mobile PhonesMelodeo, Inc., the company that provides the best experience for music on the mobile phone, today announces its expansion into new markets, including making Podcasts available for download to the mobile phone.
SEATTLE - August 19, 2005 -Beginning today consumers can use Melodeo software, called Mobilcastâ„¢, to find and download Podcasts on a mobile phone. The addition of Podcasts is a significant step in establishing the mobile phone as a singular device for finding, acquiring, and using digital media. During the past year Podcasting has grown exponentially, yet access is confined to the PC. By enabling Podcast downloads to a mobile phone Melodeo hopes to expand the reach of Podcasts to millions of new users. More information about Podcast downloads can be found at www.melodeo.com/mobilcast.
download the full press release in pdf

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