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Sunday, August 28, 2005



fantastic, now mediocrity on the radio can be heard at a higher quality!! THIS is going to make me want to listen? I listen to one station, simply because they have a funny and irreverant morning show, that I can listen to on my computer. Everything else is done courtesy of CD's or mp3's (I prefer ogg format, thank you).I might give satellite a try, but nothing I have heard so far, will entice me to rush to listen.

In all honesty I don't even listen to the radio much. Most radio stations out there have the same top 40 rotation (XRT Chicago is an exception with a great play list). I remember this place i used to work at piped in a local radio station and I swear I must have heard the same 5 songs rotated within 3 hrs. Not only that, the FCC fines shows like the Stern show for being "indecent". No thanks, I'll stick to mp3s for music & Sirius for my car.

Gee!, now I can hear all of the same great commercials, commercials and commercials in higher quality! Most of my broadcast radio stations are at least 50% talk and commercials, who cares about the quality of that. That's what drove me to XM in the first place. Let's work on making ad-free radio higher quality.

Who gives a crap? Anyone who is serious about music turned off their radios a long, long time ago (like...1982). We've got cassettes and CD players, satellite radio, iPods and other digital music appliances - we can burn new music from new artists from around the world to CDs or aforementioned digital music appliances...who the hell needs broadcast radio - HD or otherwise. Does Clear Channel own stock in this fiasco? They and the what - one or two other megacorporations who control broadcast radio - must be rolling in their collective graves - and they ain't even dead.....yet.

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