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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HD Radio-A FRAUD and conspiracy!

Digital Broadcasting is designed to destroy the smaller broadcasters that have resisted consolidation ...
Over one out of every five (>20%) Americans rely on the smaller radio stations for the programming that speaks to their soul, culture and values.
You are the mom&pop stations, the independents, the NonCommercial College, community and religious radio stations.
You manage to hang on in spite of comptition from tapes, CDs, Music Choice and now the advent of Internet streaming audio, MP3s and now upcoming mobile Direct Audio Radio Satellite services such as XM and Sirius Inc.
You are concerned that you might lose listeners to these alternatives to the FM dial in the future. If people can't get what they want on the FM dial, perhaps they will $pend hundred$ of dollar$ and monthly $ub$cription$ and deal with inferior technology and its glitches to get what you cannot provide.
If they get used to RealAudio and XM/Sirius ... will they ever hear you again as they surf their newfound medium?
As if that wasn't enough, vigorous attempts by Clear Channel Communications Inc. (CCC) and the National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) are milking the 1996 Telecom Act for every bit that they bought off Congress for.
Previous to the 1996 Telecom Act, the largest radio chain owner had 38 radio stations. Now the new Clear Channel monster will control over 800 radio stations, most billboards and most significant live music venues.
They want your station, your listeners, and if they cannot consolidate you ... they will jam your signal instead!!
We don't have to take this sitting down!!

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