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Friday, August 12, 2005



MP3 Cell Phone Music Service on Fast Forward Music download purveyor Napster and wireless handset manufacturer Ericsson have confirmed a joint effort to field a first-ever digital music service direct to cell phones. The firms say they intend to launch the new service sometime in 2006.
The strategic partners join an industry-wide push by handset suppliers and wireless network operators to transform higher wireless bandwidths and advanced audio and video integration into personal media functionality including real time, downloadable video and music--all within a single platform already a part of everyday life among most consumers.
Don't be in a rush to declare millions of embedded Ipods and Walkmans obsolete, however. Most media analysts and consultants believe that consumers will be slow to abandon familiar, specialized media platforms in favor of the equivalent of a media Swiss army knife. Instead, the experts say, consumers are more likely to tap the strengths of both technologies, using them concurrently.

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