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Friday, August 12, 2005



Eastlan Survey: 80 Percent of Americans Have Little Interest In Satellite Radio Sisters, OR - Jul 20, 2005 - The interest in satellite radio seems unchanged over the past four years, according to a study released by Eastlan Resources. The finding: 80 percent of Americans remain unlikely to subscribe to satellite radio in the future. These findings are from an Eastlan Resources study of 2,512 Americans (12 years or older) conducted in the first quarter of 2005.
The new data echoes the findings of an Eastlan study from Spring 2001 in which 80 percent of Americans questioned would have no interest in purchasing a new satellite-delivered radio service that offered dozens of commercial-free radio channels for a monthly fee of around $10.00. Details of the 2001 study are available at www.eastlan.com/pr081401.htm.
In the new study, Eastlan found that 5 percent of those studied are currently subscribing to satellite radio while another 9 percent are likely to subscribe to satellite radio sometime in the future.
In addition, 5 percent of those participating in the study had never heard of satellite radio, and 37 percent of those unaware of satellite radio were 65 or older.
While the data sounds promising for terrestrial radio, it could be interpreted that 20 percent of Americans are interested in satellite radio, which equates to nearly 60 million people. It is unlikely that many terrestrial radio stations would be willing to summarily lose 20 percent of their audience.

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